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Handmade sterling silver and brass pendant, on found sterling silver necklace.

Assorted Projects 


1. Dye-painted and embroidered button-down.

2. Dye-painted and embroidered fabric art.

3. Dye-painted t-shirt.

4. Dye-painted and embroidered hat.

5. Cut-n-sew side bag. Black cotton drill, translucent ripstop, and adjustable nylon strap with silver embroidery.

6. Embroidered pants.

Everyday Madness


Dye paintings on cotton t-shirts. 

Full project:

Deskworkwear Jacket


Couture jacket designed for the utility of the seated desk worker and inspired by suprematist paintings. Includes foldable extended cuffs for elbow padding, curved arms, cropped front hem, and a double pocket that buttons in two directions. Brushed cotton drill, mother of pearl buttons.