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Handmade sterling silver and brass pendant, on found sterling silver necklace.


(El•pis : hope)


Quilted relief sculpture with appliqué

We are in a very Pandora’s Box moment right now - the push to advance new technology as quickly as possible is unleashing powerful forces, whose consequences we cant predict or control. It feels like all these evils are just spilling out into the world... but depending on how you interpret it, maybe we have some ἐλπίς. The main quilt is a more traditional quilting style, the secondary quilt departs from that and breaks the rectangle, and finally the appliqué in the corner descends into chaos.

Assorted Projects 


1. Dye-painted and embroidered button-down.

2. Dye-painted and embroidered fabric art.

3. Dye-painted t-shirt.

4. Dye-painted and embroidered hat.

5. Cut-n-sew side bag. Black cotton drill, translucent ripstop, and adjustable nylon strap with silver embroidery.

6. Embroidered pants.

Everyday Madness


Dye paintings on cotton t-shirts. 

Full project: